Data Scientists Aren’t Just About The Numbers

Learn how perceptions shape successful innovation, growth, engagement, satisfaction, and retention at CX San Francisco this October. As part of my research about data science and design, I spoke with Ovetta Sampson, design research lead at IDEO, a global design company. Sampson’s advice that stood out most to me about how to improve the use of data in the design of better experiences: Stop thinking about data scientists as “that nerdy guy or girl behind the scenes.”

Instead, she says, think about them as designers who happen to use data to craft experiences. This echoes a similar sentiment heard at last month’s San Francisco Design Week during a session titled Bots are coming: Designing with AI. Sampson’s other tips for combining human-centered design and data science: Include data scientists throughout the design process by inviting them to your research sessions or building out “data-people journey maps.”


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