Why An MBA With Specialisation in Business Analytics Can Be A Game Changer For Non-Tech Graduates

As more organisations embrace digital transformation, the need for analytics expertise has grown sharply. Today, identifying analytics talent has become a top priority for every company and thus career opportunities in Business Analytics are on a rise. Data from our 2018 report estimates that the Analytics, Data Science and Big Data industry in India amounts to $2.71 billion annually in revenues.

In 2019, the analytics industry has grown to $3.03 billion and is expected to double by 2025. Analytics functions have experienced tremendous job growth in 2019 with almost a 45% jump in open job requirements, compared to a year back. Usually, when we talk about the data and analytics field, we think of highly computational professionals or statisticians/data wizards with core competencies in SAS, R and Python.

Author: Richa Bhatia

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