Over 50% of Businesses State They Can’t Survive without Quality Data

Business executives recognize the value that data brings to the table, with 67% acknowledging the potential of data in helping them grow their businesses. This is according to new research by Dun & Bradstreet.

Of the more than 500 business decision-makers show participated in the study, 50% stated that their company would not be able to survive without quality data. According to the research results, advantages that businesses have realized from data include: 63% – Data has helped us to identify new opportunities for revenue growth. 63% – Data has helped us to identify and mitigate business risks. 63% – Data has enabled us t improve the service we provide to our customers. 61% – Date has enabled a more holistic view of our business relationships. When considering who actually owns the data, businesses are split on whether this is an IT function or business/C-suite function. Traditionally, this has been seen as primarily a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer role, however this has been evolving and is seen now as more of a Chief Executive responsibility.

Author: Larisa Bedgood

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