Why Python is getting more popular…and how to use it with SQL databases

For the past nine years, Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer website for programmers, has polled developers to understand what technologies they are using and to find out what technologies they want to work with next. This year, the nearly 90,000 survey participants revealed that, once again, Python has risen in the ranks of language popularity.

Python earned fourth place, edging out Java and underscoring the claim that it is the fastest-growing programming language in use today. SQL, a standardized language used to work with relational databases, came in third. Taken together, these results highlight not only the need to know Python, but also the need to be able to use Python and SQL together in application development. Two audiences will benefit greatly from learning how to connect the two: developers wanting to use information in a SQL database; and SQL database users wanting to learn how to get value out of data with Python applications.

Author: Roger Sanders

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