8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Business Intelligence

According to IDC’s 2019 Data Integration and Integrity End User survey, knowledge workers and business analysts spend less time on analytics than they did in 2017. In 2017, respondents spent 19% of their time each week on analytics, compared to 37% on data preparation, 20% searching, and 24% on governance. In 2019, respondents note that they now spend just 12% of their time on analytics each week, compared to 42% on data prep, 25% searching, and 21% on governance. 

IDC Research Director Chandana Gopal says that the time spent on production versus the time spent on creation of value is a common frustration point for many BI and analytics professionals. But that’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can help business intelligence (BI) in empowering humans to focus on the more meaningful parts of their work. In the on-demand webcast Analytics in the Era of AI, which features Gopal and IDC Group Vice President Dan Vesset, Gopal notes that the talk around AI taking away large numbers of data-skilled jobs or doing away with the need for data scientists is just that—talk.

Author: Tricia Morris

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