Data Scientists Are in Short Supply, But Does Manufacturing Really Need Them?

Thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturers now have more data on their production processes and supply chains than ever before. This surplus of information has created increased demand for data scientists who can turn that data into actionable insights and work with artificial intelligence (AI).

Studies by Indeed’s Hiring Lab show that since 2013, data scientist job openings across all industries have grown 256%, with a 31% increase in year-over-year postings as recent as December 2018. While the demand for data scientists continues to run high, the pool of qualified candidates remains limited. According to a Workforce Report by LinkedIn, there is a nationwide shortage of nearly 152,000 people with data science skills. Further compounding the skills gap, many business leaders are looking for individuals with both extensive technical skills and well-developed business analytics skills.

Author: Amaresh Tripathy

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