Is a Master’s in Business Analytics Worth It?

500 million tweets. 294 billion emails. 5 billion internet searches. This isn’t a futuristic forecast – it’s just the amount of data generated in a typical day. And the trend is only intensifying. By 2020, the entire digital universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes. For context, that’s 40 times more bytes than stars in the observable universe!

If navigating, translating, and deriving insights from data isn’t part of your job yet, chances are it will be soon. Analytics in business exists in every industry. Consider how wearable tech bridges fashion and health care, or how connected cars draw from both manufacturing and software. One way to master technical data analytics skills is through a graduate school program. Many schools offer master’s degrees in business analytics, data analytics, and/or analytics in business.

Author: Elizabeth Atwater

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