How To Become A Data Scientist For Free: Learning Resources

Data scientist are eternal to the success of any organisations in this current data-driven world, where there is still a colossal amount of data to be analysed. Today, every company strives to acquire professionals who are proficient in data science. However, becoming a data scientist comes with its fair share of challenges.

Difficulties In The Path To Becoming A Data Scientist Firstly, there are very few colleges that offer data science course, thus there is a huge demand and supply gap in the current market. Secondly, the course fee is too high, thereby making it unaffordable to many aspirants. Data science aspirants are opting for paid online courses for streamlining their learning to enhance their skills. However, if you are willing to gain the skills of a data scientist, you can do it for free as well. The only tradeoff is you will not be certified by any institutes.

Author: Rohit Yadav

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