Data lakes: Where big businesses dump their excess data, and hackers have a field day

The ConversationMachines and the internet are woven into the fabric of our society. A growing number of users, devices and applications work together to produce what we now call “big data.” And this data helps drive many of the everyday services we access, such as banking.

A comparison of internet snapshots from 2018 and 2019 sheds light on the increasing rate at which digital information is exchanged daily. The challenge of safely capturing and storing data is becoming more complicated with time. This is where data warehouses and data lakes are relevant. Both are online spaces used by businesses for internal data processing and storage. Unfortunately, since the concept of data lakes originated in 2010, not enough has been done to address issues of cybersecurity. These valuable repositories remain exposed to an increasing amount of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Author: Mohiuddin Ahmed

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