15 Ways Business Intelligence Makes Companies More Efficient And Customer-Focused

In 2019, data drives everything — so much so that a Google search for “data drives everything” yields 169 million results. (“Data drives nothing” turns up only 107 million, in case you were wondering.) That’s especially true in the business world, which creates a Catch-22 for professionals without statistical training.

They can’t ignore the data their company collects on web traffic, sales, consumer behavior and more — often referred to by the umbrella term “business intelligence” — but confronting an unmediated database can be overwhelming. (Even Microsoft Excel gets flummoxed by the modern profusion of data, hence the rise of big data platforms.) Business intelligence software offers a solution. It functions as a user-friendly skin over a database, translating its contents into digestible, actionable insights that people without data science degrees can grasp.

Author: Mae Rice

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