What I Learned From Interviewing With Top Data Science Teams — Tips for Aspiring Data Scientists

What to be prepared for at your next interview. Over the course of the last year, I spent a decent amount of time looking for a job in data science. I was lucky enough to interview with a few companies with incredible data science teams . The interview processes were stressful, but at the same time enlightening. I learned a lot of things from these interviews that can be helpful no matter where you are interviewing for a data science role.

What I am not going to cover in this article, is how to get interviews at amazing companies. If you are struggling to get interviews, go check out this article I wrote about gaining experience before your first job. Once you get an interview, the real fun begins. Have a Breadth of Knowledge. For most entry level jobs, you are not expected to be an expert in any specific field of data science (unless you are specifically applying for an NLP position or something similar).

Author: Nelson Griffiths

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