Python Beats R and SAS in Analytics Tool Survey

If you have to choose just one language to learn, just one tool to use as you prepare for your data science, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence career, you should probably choose the open source language Python.

In its sixth annual flash poll looking at the preferred tools for professionals in quantitative science and data analytics, executive recruiting firm Burtch Works found that Python has emerged as a clear winner — at least for 2019. If you are hiring data analytics pros, that’s something you want to keep in mind, too. The survey included over 1,000 votes by data and analytics professionals in the Burtch Works database of quantitative professionals (which is why demographic information was available), and it asked just one question: “Which do you prefer to use — SAS, R, or Python?” A total of 41% of respondents said Python, 30% said R, and 29% said SAS.

Author: Jessica Davis

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