The Data Nerds Have Won

The data is in and the results are clear: The data nerds have won. That’s the consensus emerging from Looker’s user conference in San Francisco this week, where hundreds of data professionals congregated to extend their winning streaks with data.

“The data nerds have won,” Looker chief product officer Nick Caldwell declared during his keynote address at JOIN 2019 yesterday. “That is the way the world is today. The reason for that is…people don’t need to be convinced the data matters. They’re not asking why. They’re asking how to get it done.” In the recent past, data was the provenance of technical experts who could get stuff done with data by writing elaborate Spark routines or programming in MapReduce. That was Caldwell at a previous job, where his boss thought he was a hero because he could join disparate data sets.

Author: Alex Woodie

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