Big Data Security Series Part 2: How Hard is it to Secure Big Data?

Survey says: exceedingly difficult. But why? Years ago, on traditional databases you had complete control over how to implement and protect your servers. You also had a manageable number of servers, let’s say around 10, you had your hardened environment, and you were able to do anything you wanted with the data you had.

Over time, the number of inputs has exploded from web, mobile, digital workplaces, and so on. In order to process all that new data, now we need more storage and more computing power than you can fit in your garage. And by garage, of course I mean state-of-the-art, in-house data center. The fact is, big data means big resources. In response to this growing demand, cloud technology came along to help reduce the burden of in-house storage and processing, at times taking those roles over entirely.

Author: Felix Rosbach

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