Data Lakes and Big Data Analytics

As the quantities of data collected today by businesses grow exponentially, managing and then analyzing these vast datasets is now an essential skill all enterprises must master. If data is the new oil, then this resource must be harnessed by all businesses. Having a Big Data analytics strategy for your company is vital to ensure the real value – often hidden inside the data collected – is revealed and then utilized.

As the volumes of data are about to increase yet again, thanks to IoT and the rollout of the 5G network, when every device is connected to the network, the quantities of data available will explode. If your business is struggling today with its data analysis approach, the near future will bring even more data analysis challenges. Having a detailed data analysis strategy is also a business imperative. Those companies that can connect their datasets to BI will be able to leverage the insights they gain to accelerate product and service development.

Author: David Howell

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