Why Business Intelligence Has a Role in the World of AI

In all the discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) and its place in the enterprise, the role of business intelligence (BI) and what it can do is often overlooked. Given the level of investment that some enterprises have made over the years in BI this is somewhat surprising until you scratch a little bit deeper and it becomes clear that many BI providers are now looking at ways to pull AI and BI together.

Given the faith that many enterprise managers are putting in AI to extract insights from data, is there even a role for BI software? It depends on how you understand BI, AI and their differences. So what is the difference between the two? AI and BI Uses The high-level difference is that business data is the collection of data produced by your company: site traffic, purchases, brand engagement, campaign analytics, KPIs, according to Bernard May CEO of Westlake Village, Calif.-based National Positions. Collecting and using this information can give organizations insights as to how business operations and marketing campaigns can be optimized.

Author: David Roe

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