Want a data science job? Use the weekend project principle to get it

You walk in. Henry’s there too. There’s a grey table in between you and the lady in the green t-shirt. Sandra. You remembered her name. She’s the one who invited you in for an interview. You met Henry in the lobby. You’re both going for the same role. Henry’s a nice guy. Really nice. He’s like you. You’re even into the same things.

Sandra starts talking. ‘Welcome boys, thank you for coming in.’ You both smile. ‘Your applications were incredible. You’ll be glad to know you’re the last two candidates. We’d hire you both but for now, we’ve only got one position.’ You glance over at Henry. War has been declared. Not really but it might as well be. If getting hired was the goal, there has to be a winner and a loser.
You remember talking to Henry in the lobby.

Author: Daniel Bourke

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