What My Data Science Degree Did Not Teach Me — Part 1

Three years ago, I graduated from my in Data Science, with my head full of AI dreams and crazy ambitions. This degree gave me the knowledge, the confidence and the motivation to step into the field and I strongly believe that without this degree, I would have never become a Data Scientist.

I recently wrote an article about my rather uncommon path from working in Sales to being a Data Scientist where I mention my degree as well and the struggles I faced during it. When I look back, I certainly see that my Master helped immensely in giving me a start. However, there were many relevant points that my academic training did not address. Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame the University nor the academic team. The speed at which the Data Science and AI fields currently expand remains too high for academic institutions to adapt at the same pace.

Author: Julia Di Russo

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