10 Predictions for Big Data in 2020

The big data space is constantly in flux. New and emerging technologies plan to disrupt reliable legacy solutions while others hope to work in harmony with tools in the market. What are the next explosive trends for 2020?

Here, executives of leading companies provide 10 predictions for what’s ahead in 2020 for big data. From blockchain to business intelligence, these are just some of the many solutions that could take the big data world by storm. Big Data is well and truly dead, but the data lake looms large. “Large scale, feature rich data warehouses, in cloud and on premises, have improved radically, to provide multi-petabyte scale using MPP architectures. That scale is made effectively possible by pushing compute and data closer together, and allowing SQL to express JOIN semantics and aggregations, which can be optimized by the database.

Author: Stephanie Simone

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