How we deal with Big Data could determine how our descendants live

It is striking when you find yourself living at major inflection points of history. After all, there is no such thing as quiet times. The 1990s, for instance, seem like a distant quiet time. But in that period, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda were happening. O.J. Simpson’s “trial of the century” has faded into the mist of history.

Yet sometimes, history is momentous. The fall of the Berlin Wall or 9/11 are memorable to those who experienced it — and even to those who didn’t. Then there are technology revolutions. Until recently, there was a serious argument to be made that the internet revolution was not as momentous as the 1920s, with the popularization of electricity, cars, radio and airplanes. It is now harder to make that case, with the rise of Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Author: Isaac Cheifetz

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