Cloud Looms Large for Big Data in 2020

If you’re involved with big data in 2020, then it will be hard to avoid the cloud, which has become the de-facto standard platform for storing and processing vast amounts of data. The cloud will change quickly this year, as cloud giants battle for supremacy. Successfully navigating these dynamics in the cloud could mean the difference between celebrating a big data victory and cleaning up a digital mess.

The modern cloud stack relies on Kubernetes for container orchestration. Expect progress to be made in getting big data and AI workloads enabled on Kubernetes this year, or what Haoyuan “HY” Li, founder and CTO of Alluxio, calls “Kubernetifying” the analytics stack. “While containers and Kubernetes works exceptionally well for stateless applications like Web servers and self-contained databases, we haven’t seen a ton of container usage when it comes to advanced analytics and AI,” Li says.

Author: Alex Woodie

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