The Details Are in the Data – How to Better Collect and Use Info From Your Website

Nothing warms my cockles like a good set of data. Do you feel that way? Chances are you don’t, but I am a geek and I do love data. I love my QuickBooks. I love looking at every single week’s volume of what sold, what didn’t, and where the expenses went.

And, I love looking at Google Analytics. I love the ability to see where the traffic came from, what pages they went to, how long they spent, where they exited, where they entered – I love all of it. One thing I’ve done this year is create a new report through a vendor of mine that looks at the historical data of Google Analytics for your website. This is geared towards B2B businesses, because they have a slightly different take than, say, a business to consumer company.

Author: Brian Basilico

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