From Big Data to Actionable Analytics

Imagine a world in which every piece of data has a job. New information is not simply logged into an endless abyss of forgotten databases but rather logically kept and actively used. Now, add in the ability for employees to access and manipulate the data easily using well-known applications (like Microsoft Office, Google Earth, and ESRI ArcGIS) to enable sustainable analysis, without having to rely on a central group of analysts.

In this world, unexpected challenges are met with data-driven decisions daily and employee turnover does not result in the loss of information. For many utilities, this world is not far off. For PECO Energy Co., a subsidiary of Exelon Corp., this world is here now as a result of the Exelon Utilities Analytics Academy. This program is aimed at enabling employees to adopt digital skills, such as machine learning, operational analytics, visual storytelling and automated analysis.

Author: Luke A. Benedict

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