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Jeffrey Strickland

Jeffrey Strickland, Ph.D., is the Author of “Predictive Analytics Using R” and a Senior Analytics Scientist with Clarity Solution Group. He has performed predictive modeling, simulation and analysis for the Department of Defense, NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, and the Financial and Insurance Industries for over 20 years. Jeff is a Certified Modeling and Simulation professional (CMSP) and an Associate Systems Engineering Professional. He has published nearly 200 blogs on LinkedIn, is also a frequently invited guest speaker and the author of 20 books including:
•Operations Research using Open-Source Tools
•Discrete Event simulation using ExtendSim
•Crime Analysis and Mapping
•Missile Flight Simulation
•Mathematical Modeling of Warfare and Combat Phenomenon
•Predictive Modeling and Analytics
•Using Math to Defeat the Enemy
•Verification and Validation for Modeling and Simulation
•Simulation Conceptual Modeling
•System Engineering Process and Practices
•Weird Scientist: the Creators of Quantum Physics
•Albert Einstein: No one expected me to lay a golden eggs
•The Men of Manhattan: the Creators of the Nuclear Era
•Fundamentals of Combat Modeling
•LinkedIn Memoirs
•Quantum Phaith
•Dear Mister President
•Handbook of Handguns
•Knights of the Cross: The True Story of the Knights Templar

Text Analytics: Forecast = Cloudy

Since I have been teaching data analytics in India for the past month, I have been searching for an example of text analytics using R. Several months ago I saw a demonstration […]