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BI Corner is an online resource for Business Intelligence, Analytics & Data Science Professionals.  Featuring a combination of original & curated content, BI Corner delivers the best independent collection of current, relevant and interesting Business Intelligence & Analytics information available.

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Derrick Martins (Founder) & the rest of the BI Corner team

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  1. Wanted to thank and appreciate you for the quality articles you share regarding Big Data. It has helped me clear many doubts and improve my thinking of Big Data. This will definitely help me get a better job. Thanks, keep up the good work.

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  2. So nice to see that you also share European content. We are organizing the Data Innovation Summit – made in Belgium on March 26th in Brussels. There will be much more valuable content coming soon. keep an eye on datasciencebe.com

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  3. I was unable to find good blogs with explanation of big data. When I landed on bicorner.com, I was really amazed, how couldn’t I find such informative and detailed posts before? I’ve added this domain to my feedly account, as i don’t want to miss any of its articles.

    Thanks Derrick for launching bicorner.com!

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  4. I really like the concept of your website, Derrick! It’s my go-to source of BI news – I follow the Twitter feed and have subscribed to the newsletter. #BInewsjunkie

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  5. Thanks Derrick for building and running bicorner.com. I found bicorner a valuable resource to build knowledge on data related technologies. I really appreciate derrick for his time and efforts.

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