What The Heck Is… Analytics?

Analytics is something any manager, leader or in fact anyone should know about.

Not only because analytics is one of the biggest buzzwords around at the moment but because it will be a game changer in all aspects of life. In today’s data-driven world analytics changes everything, not just in business, but also in fields like sports, healthcare and government. It is hard to think of any aspect of life that won’t be affected by analytics. We have seen books on analytics become global best sellers and the people who are able to apply analytics (sometimes called data scientists) are hailed as having the sexiest job of the 21st Century. So, what really is analytics?

Author: Bernard Marr

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  1. In its broadest sense Analytics is the application of tools, techniques, methods, process, and thinking to data relating to our current view of the situation so that we can move to a better view of the situation.


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