My playlist – Top YouTube Videos on Machine Learning, Neural Network & Deep Learning

Introduction One of the best way to get better at machine learning and deep learning is to watch a lecture from an expert and work your way along with it. If you do so, you get the best of both the worlds – you learn from the experts across the globe and also get hands on knowledge.

In this article, I have provided a list of YouTube videos, which you can use to improve your knowledge in these areas. How should you watch them ? You’ve got to follow a ritual (Just Kidding!). For your ease, I have created a ‘to be followed’ sequence / order of these videos. I have categorized the videos into: Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. If you are new to this, I’d recommend you to follow the sequence for better understanding. If not, feel free to follow your own route and let me know, how it turns out.

Author: Manish Saraswat

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