Big Data, Big Voids: What’s Missing In the Massive Conversation On Climate

This week, tensions are flaring over the current and potential state of the climate and overall environment. From the harsh address to world leaders from the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg to various impromptu protests on the street, this year’s United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City is a hotbed of discussion and activity around the divisive topic of environmental change.

However a particular event held at the UN during the week provides an intriguing look at data and race as it intersects with this area which is one of the biggest topics of our time. The Lion’s Share Fund event was held just two days after Thunberg’s speech and is part of a number of events currently taking place at the UN around the subject of the environment. This event focused on how the private sector, specifically the advertising industry, can help with saving and restoring nature.

Author: Lauren deLisa Coleman

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