AWS To Build You a Data Lake in ‘A Few Clicks’

AWS yesterday announced Lake Formation, a new service that it says will let users build their own data lake on S3 — complete with the requisite provisions for security, access control, data transformation, and cataloging — with just “a few clicks.” Together with Control Tower and Security Hub, the trio of new services are designed to radically simplify the onboarding and management of large amounts of data in the cloud.

“Everybody wants a data lake,” AWS CEO Andy Jassy said during his keynote address yesterday. “We have over 10,000 data lakes built on S3. But if you try to build a data lake, it’s hard.” First, you have to prepare your storage and configure your S3 buckets, Jassy said. “Then you have to move your data from all the disparate places, and in the process you have to crawl the data to extract the schema.

Author: Alex Woodie

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