Is Blockchain The Answer To Blockchain Security Problems?

Given blockchain’s impressive new prominence in the marketplace, it’s of little surprise that so many people are finally discussing the myriad of ways in which it can positively disrupt the market. Most conversations surrounding blockchain technology have often centered around its security applications, particularly since the decentralized nature of it threatens to upend traditional understandings of information security.

Precious little attention is being paid to how blockchain projects themselves might be secured, however, a problem to which an obvious solution awaits.Is blockchain the answer to blockchain’s security problems? Here’s how blockchain technology might be used to secure the very same enterprise projects that rely on it. There are more blockchain developers than ever It’s growing increasingly obvious that blockchain’s explosive foray onto the modern marketplace was only the beginning. The technology’s debut ignited a movement that helped bolster cryptocurrencies to international fame and spawned a number of impressive startups.

Author: Steve Jones

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