A Day In The Life Of: A Chief Data Scientist Who’s Also A Machine Learning Pro

No doubt data science is the “Sexiest Job of the century”, and with all the perks such as the handsome paycheck, designation, reputation, many are making transitions into the data science domain. We have read articles, watched YouTube videos to see how the domain actually is but is it enough? Do we really have an idea of how a data scientist strike a balancing act in their daily lives?

In order to give you all clear view and for our column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, this time we caught up with Rashi Gupta, Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist, Rezo.AI. Rashi always felt that there is a huge gap between customer expectation and how the enterprise was trying to match them. And she had some great ideas on how to bridge the gaps and thus decided to start her own venture,

Author: Harshajit Sarmah

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