How to ace a data science interview

So, you want to be a data scientist. It’s a smart move: it’s a job that’s in high demand, can command a healthy salary, and can also be richly rewarding and engaging. But to get the job, you’re going to have to pass a data science interview – something that’s notoriously tough. One of the reasons for this is that data science is a field that is incredibly diverse.

I mean that in two different ways: on the one hand it’s a role that demands a variety of different skills (being a good data scientist is about much more than just being good at math). But it’s also diverse in the sense that data science will be done differently at every company. That means that every data science interview is going to be different. If you specialize too much in one area, you might well be severely limiting your opportunities. There are plenty of articles out there that pretend to have all the answers to your next data science interview. And while these can be useful, they also treat job interviews like they’re just exams you need to pass. They’re not – you need to have a wide range of knowledge, but you also need to present yourself as a curious and critical thinker, and someone who is very good at communicating.

Author: Richard Gall

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