BI vendors jump into low-code/no-code tools for developers

With analytics software vendors seeking to provide ease of use from setup through insight, a spate of recent platform updates has included low-code/no-code tools for application developers. In November, Looker rolled out Looker 7, parts of which were a ready-made development framework and an in-product marketplace for add-ons, and Yellowfin debuted Yellowfin 9, which featured tools entitled Dashboard Canvas and Dashboard Code Mode aimed at allowing developers to customize their organizations’ applications.

In addition, Sisense’s latest update included embedded capabilities to help customers create enterprise-grade applications. Low-code/no-code tools aim to simplify the process of developing customized applications, eliminating much of the cumbersome coding work for IT departments. In addition, they have the potential to enable end users to create some rudimentary applications of their own, empowering them to become citizen developers.

Author: Eric Avidon

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