The big data challenge getting smaller for Army, Air Force as CDOs mature

In naming a chief data officer, the Army and the Air Force took different approaches with an eye toward the same goal. The Army dual-hatted its deputy chief information officer with CDO responsibilities. The Air Force named a specific individual to oversee and manage its data.

But no matter the path the military services, or really any agency, takes, it’s all about extracting more value out of the data they have and taking advantage of the information in different ways. Greg Garcia, the deputy CIO and chief data officer for the Army, said being the CDO is a new job for him and a great opportunity escalate the position for a senior person to be in charge of the data. “The one benefit [of being both deputy CIO and CDO] is it really is from inspiration to execution in a very simple manner for me,” Garcia said during a panel at the recent AFCEA NOVA small business IT day, which was part of Ask the CIO.

Author: Jason Miller

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