Domo vs. Tableau: Self-service analytics tools compared

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms have long been a staple for business, but thanks to the rise of self-service BI tools, responsibility for analytics has shifted from IT to business analysts, with support from data scientists and database administrators.

As a result, BI has changed from generating monthly reports from the system of record, to interactively discovering and sharing trends, forecasts, and answers to business questions based on data from a variety of internal and external sources. Instead of needing months to make a decision, businesses that have adopted self-service BI can decide on a course of action in a few days.

Author: Martin Heller

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  1. See also Executable English,  live at the site below.  It uses the following hidden innovations to support a very simple user-interface for #BI .

    (1) write data apps in open English
    (2) specify apps without procedural programming
    (3) automatically generate and run complex SQL, with English explanations of results

    Adrian Walker
    Executable English LLC  
    San Jose, CA, USA
    (USA) 860 830 2085 (California time)


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